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Daltex Bound UVR 6.5kg Resin

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44 Tubs | £2,000.00

44 Tubs

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A UV Resistant Resin Bound System that is a solvent free, two part aliphatic polyurethane kit developed specifically for creating light stable aggregate flooring. It will bind together a wide range of dried aggregates. The system is suitable for external applications. Typical applications include: driveways, footpaths, paths, patios and parks. 

Our recommended mix design for the 6.5kg kit is 

75kgs 2-5mm, 12.5kgs 1-3mm and 6.25kgs sand – Total 93.75kgs - % resin 6.93% - Coverage approximately 3.13m2 at 18mm.

The Key Benefits are:

Retains its colour - (UV Resistant) 

Establishes excellent moisture tolerance quickly

Meets SUD's regulations.

Withstands heavy foot traffic in as little as 24 hours.

Easy to use 2 part dispenser.

Find out more about our resins or download our Resin Bound Advisory Notes 

This product is only recommended for use by an experienced installer and not for DIY purposes, Training is recommended prior to use. 

Next Day Delivery Available on orders placed before 1:00PM!
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