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About Our Resins

About our resins

Our Daltex Bound UV and UV Plus are now available to order alongside your aggregates. 

All of our resins are aliphatic UV Resistant. (UVR)

We only recommend that UV resistant resins are used for external applications.

This is due to the fact that over time, aromatic or non UV resistant resins, breakdown and discolour. This will mean that the original colour of the application will change where it is exposed to UV rays and where it is not exposed, this will remain the original colour. So you will end up with patches of a different colour where the aggregate is protected from the UV rays such as under bins, benches, plant pots or caravans.

This can be remedied however, as using a UV stable resin in the first instance can eliminate these issues.

Our Daltex Bound and Bound Plus Resin is light in colour so it will not unduly alter the colour of the base aggregate used. It is suitable for a wide range of dried aggregates and meets SUD’S regulations.

Typical applications for use are driveways, footpaths, garden patios, terraces and car parks.


Daltex Bound UVR 6.5kg

The Daltex Bound UVR 6.5kg is a UV resistant resin, which comes in a unique, easy to use two part tub, where the part b hardener can be easily dispensed into the part a, ensuring that both components are mixed together in their entirety.

This mix design for this size kit is 75kgs of 2-5mm aggregate, 12.5kg of 1-3mm aggregate and 6.25kg of sand or similar.

Coverage for the Daltex Bound 6.5kg would be approximately 3.13m2. This is based on a level surface and being laid at 18mm.

Daltex Bound UVR Plus 7.5kg

As the Daltex Bound 6.5kg, the Daltex Bound UVR Plus is a UVR resin, in the same easy to use two part tub.

The recommended mix design for this kit is 75kgs 2-5mm, 25kgs 1-3mm and 6.25kgs of sand – Total 106.25kgs.

Coverage  for the Daltex Plus 7.5kg would be approximately 3.55m2 at 18mm.

This is based on the surface that it is being laid on is flat and level.

The Daltex Bound Plus resin is recommended when a larger mix is being used or more strength is required or a higher quality installation required as there will be a higher resin content in the mix. This will increase the longevity and durability of the surface.

The recommended mix design for this size kit would be 75kg of 2-5mm, 25kg of 1-3mm and 6.25 kg of sand.


Our two part tub is designed so it is easier for ensuring that all of the Part A and the Part B are mixed together in their entirety. It is critical that both parts are mixed together in the correct proportions as this will cause some of the resin to not be activated and it will not cure correctly.

We only recommend that the resin is used by experienced installer. We do not recommend its use for DIY purposes.

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