Resin Bonded & Resin Bound Aggregates & Gravel Information

Since 1984 Derbyshire Aggregates have been producing quality products for the construction and refurbishment industries. In addition to our extensive range of Dried and industrial products (Resin Bonding & Resin Bound aggregates) we also produce dry-dashing as well as decorative aggregates for the landscaping industries.

Driveways & paths are enhanced with resin bonded aggregates
Taking our raw materials from quarries throughout the UK and Europe we are able to produce grades and mixes that our customers require and to meet their exacting specifications. To do this we continually invest in the latest production facilities to ensure our range is up to date and fulfills customer's requirements.

This site deals with our extensive range of Dried and industrial products which are known as Resin Bonded, Resin Bound or Resin Bonding. Over the years we have pioneered the washing, drying and bagging of aggregates that give a range of colours that is unrivalled and meets the most demanding customer's requirements. By stocking hundreds of tonnes of bagged materials we are ready to supply our best selling range and we are able to deliver to all destinations in quantities to suit each individual job.

Derbyshire Aggregates work with and supply all of the major manufactures of Resin Bound and Resin Bonded systems with our dried aggregates and are specified in schemes in the United Kingdom and exported throughout the world.

Resin Bound...

  • Permeable (SUDS Compliant)
  • Smooth Finish
  • Hand Trowelled

Resin Bonded...

  • Anti skid
  • Textured Finish
  • Scatter Coated

The Benefits...

  • Decorative & Visually Pleasing
  • Hard Wearing
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fixed (No Movement)
  • Anti Skid & Non Slip Surfaces
  • Long Lasting & Cost Effective

We now also supply rubber shred chippings which are ideal for play surfaces. Not only for safety but with a nice appearance and very durable. The rubber shredding is made from 100% recycled commercial and industrial tyres and is wire free. The rubber is visually pleasing and allows for different combinations to be mixed or different colours to be used in different areas. There are 5 additional colours to the standard black - Blue, Brown, Green, Plum & Terracotta. They are coated with polyurethane pigments which give a nice palette to work with.

The rubber is bound in resin so it's porous. That means the surface is SUDs compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems). The water drains through like a sieve and flows naturally into the water table. The binding in resin also prevents having to constantly sweep up loose bits as you would if you used sand, bark or larger rubber chippings in the play area or playground.

Take a look around our website and get inspiration for your resin bound and resin bonded applications. You might already have the ideas and require more technical information. Once you know what you want you can view our wide range of aggregates and gravel which are available to purchase from our store regardless of project size. Contact us if you want to clarify anything no matter how small. Our helpful staff can give you all the guidance you require by email or over the phone on 01629 636500.