The DALTEX PERFORMANCE UVR Resin Bound System has passed the technical assessment by the BBA (the British Board of Agrément) – the highest industry standard available for the resin bound industry. 

About the BBA


BBA certification is widely recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. It’s a mark of quality, safety and reliability and indicates the product’s fitness-for-purpose, providing peace of mind to building control, government departments, local authorities, architects, specifiers, industry insurers and resin bound contractors and landscapers.


The DALTEX PERFORMANCE UVR System is a resin bound surfacing system with enhanced UVR resistance for use in domestic driveways, patios, paths, pedestrian areas and lightly trafficked car parks. 

The BBA accreditation confirms that the DALTEX PERFORMANCE UVR System is manufactured and supplied to meet the exacting standards required for strength and stability, durability, permeability and skid resistance.

In order to achieve BBA certification, the DALTEX PERFORMANCE UVR System has had to undergo stringent testing and pass the necessary standards for:

1. Strength and Stability

Are the systems able to deal with the loads associated with vehicular and pedestrian traffic expected from their intended use?

The assessment has included a rigorous set of mechanical tests to mimic load and volume associated with higher traffic areas.

2. Surface Characteristics

How has the surface been designed to deal with slip and skid resistance?

The assessment considered initial and retained slip and skid resistance by taking into account how abrasion from trafficking will affect this key factor over time.

3. Rainwater Damage

Can the surface eliminate surface water?

Dealing with surface water is an increasing issue around dwellings. Systems can be designed to reduce or eliminate surface ponding.

4. Durability

How long will it last?

Any trafficked system will be subject to varying degrees of foot and vehicular traffic over its expected service life. In order for the systems to perform and be considered fit for their intended use, they must be installed, used and maintained as set out in the BBA Certificate and according to Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates installation instructions (as described in the Derbyshire Speciaiist Aggregates Training Manual and Resin Bound Training Course. 


DALTEX UVR System Qualified Installers - install to BBA and Manufacturer standards

By becoming a DALTEX PERFORMANCE UVR System Qualified Installer, you can give customers peace of mind, letting them know you use the highest quality materials - exactly as instructed by the manufacturer and BBA accredited guidelines.

To become a DALTEX PERFORMANCE UVR Qualified Installer, you must have attended a Derbyshire Aggregates Training Day and have completed 6 installs. You will need to pass a subsequent site audit and be willing to complete the required paperwork for each project. 

Full details of how to install a DALTEX PERFORMANCE UVR System to BBA standards can be found in the Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates training manual and on the resin bound training course.  Click here for more information

As the manufacturer of DALTEX PERFORMANCE UVR SYSTEM, we are very proud to have achieved the BBA accreditation which adopts the industry minimum standard depth of 18mm for driveways.

Sam Buckley, Managing Director at Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates said:

The BBA accreditation for DALTEX Performance UVR System eptiomises our commitment to promoting the very highest standards of resin bound installation. This is our 40th year anniversary  and as the manufacturer of DALTEX dried aggregates – the no 1 brand in resin bound -  we feel it is our responsibility to help our customers in every way possible.  We are delighted that our BBA accreditation can give them the peace of mind that they are using the highest quality materials available. Of course, this is also something that they can pass onto their customers too.

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