Environmental Policy

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is a producer and distributor of decorative aggregates to the construction industry. The Head Office is at Arbor Low Works, Long Rake, Youlgrave, Derbyshire. The company employs 52 people on 5 sites - Derbyshire, Bridgend, Ryder Point, Port Penrhyn and Garston.

The company is aware that its activities have an impact on the environment, and makes the following commitments in order to prevent or minimise those impacts:

  • Present and future operations will be conducted in a manner that has least impact on the environment. Action will be taken to remedy any harm caused by past operations.
  • All applicable environmental legislation, regulatory standards and other environmental obligations will be complied with. Any changes or new legislation will be monitored and necessary actions implemented to ensure continued compliance.
  • Any pollution or potential pollution resulting from company operations will be prevented or minimised.
  • Resource consumption, including raw materials and utilities, and waste will be minimised, and the company will be responsible in how waste is disposed of.
  • The company will share information and work with customers, partners and the local community to improve environmental performance and demonstrate environmental commitment.
  • Materials used will be sourced from suppliers who share the company’s commitment to the environment and who can supply an environmentally acceptable product that meets specification requirements.
  • The company will continue to improve its environmental performance year on year, through the setting, monitoring and review of environmental objectives and targets.
  • Everyone working for or on behalf of the company will be made aware of this Policy and how The Policy commitments should be complied with.
  • This Policy will be available to customers, suppliers and any other interested parties and will be reviewed annually as a minimum. 

Adrian Fewings, Chairman, February 2018
Martin Poulter, Chief Executive Officer, February 2018

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