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Resin Bound or Resin Bonded

They may sound very similar, but Resin Bound systems and Resin Bonded systems are very different. Here we will take you through the key differences between the two:

Resin Bound system

  • The aggregate is mixed in with the resin. The resulting material is trowelled onto the surface in an even layer.
  • This leaves a smooth, flat finish with no loose gravel.
  • This gives a permeable, porous surface which allows water to drain through.
  • This is a SUDS compliant solution.

Resin Bonded system

  • The layer of resin is spread across the surface and the aggregate or gravel is scattered into it.
  • The majority of the aggregate will adhere to the resin while leaving some loose on the top.
  • This is designed to give the appearance of loose gravel.
  • Any excessive loose gravel can be removed once the resin is cured.
  • This surface is non-porous and is not a SUDS compliant solution.
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