Resin, sand, catalyst and glass

We manufacture and supply DALTEX UV-resistant resin to deliver high-quality results for all Resin Bound surfaces including driveways, garden patios, pathways and car parks. DALTEX UVR resin is used throughout the UK and worldwide for external Resin Bound surfacing applications and installations.

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Why use our resins?

  • DALTEX resins are aliphatic UV Resistant (UVR).
  • DALTEX resins come in an easy-to-use two-part tub.
  • DALTEX UVR resin is available in 7.5kg & 7.0kg
  • DALTEX UVR stable resin and aggregates are easy to dispense and combine.
  • DALTEX UVR stable resin will not discolour or break down over time.
  • DALTEX UVR stable resins will not unduly alter aggregate base colour.

Supplying Resin to the Resin Bound Trade

We supply aliphatic UV-resistant resin to thousands of Resin Bound installers, specifiers and contractors every year. It comes in two sizes, DALTEX 7.5kg and DALTEX 7kg. We also supply resins that are non-UV for Resin Bound surfacing.

Installers and contractors can purchase DALTEX Resin Bound catalyst which should be used when installing in temperatures below 15 degrees.

We recommend that only UV-resistant resins are used for external applications to prevent breakdown and discolouration.

DALTEX is the No.1 brand in the UK for Resin Bound

We supply Resin Bound installers, contractors and specifiers with everything they need to produce high-quality Resin Bound surfacing, from resin, dried aggregates and equipment.

For more information about our DALTEX UV-resistant resin, please call our technical team on 01629 636500.

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