Resin Bound Forced Action Mixers

We are the sole distributor of Baron forced action mixers to the Resin Bound trade in the UK. We supply the most popular models of Baron resin mixers together with all accessories and spare parts, available for next-day delivery. 

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Resin Bound Forced Action Mixers by Baron

Known for its high quality and reliability, Baron is the forced action mixer that Resin Bound professionals choose. 

Resin Bound forced action mixers are specifically designed to mix gravel and resin evenly and consistently. A forced action mixer is an essential part of a Resin Bound installation.

Please note that cement mixers are not suitable for Resin Bound as they may leave dry clumps of aggregate or a pool of resin within the drum which will lead to issues with the appearance and durability of the Resin Bound surface.

We stock all of the Baron forced action mixers used for Resin Bound including the E120, F200 and F120 models.

We also stock all Baron resin mixer accessories and spare parts

For more information or for any questions regarding the range of Baron forced action mixers, please give our sales team a call on 01629 636500. 

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