Forced Action Mixer

A forced action mixer is an essential tool for any resin bound installation. 

Unlike a cement mixer, it is specifically designed to blend gravel and resin evenly and consistently. We strongly advise that you never use a cement mixer for resin bound installations as it may leave dry clumps of aggregate or a pool of resin within the drum and this can cause problems with the appearance and durability of the finished resin bound surface, even causing it to fail.

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Why choose Baron Forced Action Mixers?

The Baron range of Forced Action Mixers is renowned for consistent performance and a wide range of practical benefits, including outstanding ergonomic and health and safety features such as: 

  • Precise and safe emptying of the pan - helps reduce waste and avoid accidents.
  • Easy-to-remove mixer head saves time and effort when dismantling.
  • Correct outlet height – good ergonomics make this a pleasure to use.
  • Robust and stable pan with extra durable frame construction – for long product life.
  • Outlet protection – for safe use.
  • Rubber shovels - available as an optional extra.

At Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates, we currently stock two of the most popular Forced Action Mixers in the resin bound aggregates industry.

Baron F110 Forced Action Mixer

The powerful Baron F110 is rated ‘best in class’ for forced action mixer performance and quality, and is a very popular choice with customers who appreciate its many design features which make it exceptionally user friendly, robust and safe to use. The new F-Line range is designed for quality, efficiency, and durability.

Find out more about the Baron F110 Forced Action Mixer.

Baron E120 Forced Action Mixer

The highly efficient Baron E120 forced action mixer offers exceptional mixing at a great price, with an increased vessel capacity. The E120’s advantages include a tight and robust operating system, highly effective mixer arm and shovel construction, and exchangeable mixer blades.

Find out more about the Baron E120 Forced Action Mixer.

Technical Specifications

Motor:2.0 kW2.0 kW
Current:1x240 V / 1x110 V1x240 V / 1x110 V
Gear RPM:3232
Vessel Capacity:110 Litres117 Litres
Mixer Capacity:78 Litres90 Litres
Mcap. wet conc.:-211kg
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