DALTEX Promotes Resin Bound With The Guardian Newspaper

Thursday 08 April 2021 16:55

DALTEX has joined forces with The Guardian & Evening Standard newspapers to promote the advantages of a Resin Bound driveway to interested homeowners.

Featured in the ‘At Home and In the Garden’ March issue, a double page spread featured the range of DALTEX Bespoke blends and highlighted the benefits of Resin Bound vs other driveway solutions.

The article was distributed to over 205,000 homeowners in the South West as well as over 210,000 electronic copies to people across the UK.

As the manufacturer and home of DALTEX, the number one brand for Resin Bound, Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is committed to promoting the highest standards of Resin Bound installation.

Sam Buckley, MD, explained: “As the demand for Resin Bound continues to grow, and the number of contractors increases, it is important that homeowners understand that the quality of materials used and the standards of installation employed are crucial to the finished result. Equally, it can be very confusing for them when they receive multiple quotes and guidance regarding things such resin, installation depth, bases and why contractors do not lay in rain are very helpful.”

View the March issue of At Home and In the Garden featuring DALTEX & Resin Bound here.

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