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How to Choose a Resin Bound Mixer

Friday 11 November 2022 13:00

A Resin Bound forced action mixer is an essential piece of equipment for any Resin Bound installation.

They are specifically designed to mix gravel and resin evenly; by doing so, the finished Resin Bound surface will be strong and durable for many years. 

As the manufacturer of DALTEX, the No.1 brand in Resin Bound surfacing, we want to help our customers make the right decision when choosing a forced action mixer for their Resin Bound installations. 

The Benefits of a Baron Forced Action Mixer

Baron is the UK's No.1 brand for forced action mixers for the Resin Bound trade. They have a well-deserved reputation for consistent performance, outstanding ergonomics and a range of health and safety features that make them easy to handle and practical to use. The range of benefits includes: 

  • Correct outlet height - Great ergonomics make Baron resin bound mixers a pleasure to use. 

  • Precise and safe emptying of the pan - helping to reduce waste and avoid accidents. 

  • Easy-to-remove mixer head - saving time and effort when dismantling the mixer. 

  • Outlet protection - for safe use. 

  • Low weight - Easy to transport and handle on-site.

  • Robust and stable pan with extra durable frame construction - Providing long product life. 

  • Zero voltage release and emergency stop button - These are the safest mixer machines on the market. 

When choosing a Baron mixer, there is a selection of different sizes to choose from. 

The F120F200 and E120 are designed specifically for Resin Bound surfacing installations and each Baron forced action mixer has specific features to suit an installer's needs.

Baron Futura Line

The Futura line of Baron forced action mixers is the best range of mixers on the market. Both the F120 and F200 are the optimum choice for quality, efficiency, and durability from a forced action mixer.

produc image of F200 Baron Mixer           Product image of F120 Baron Mixer

Baron F120 Specifications

  • The safety switch activates when the cover is opened.
  • The positioning bolt secures the cover during operation.
  • The motor shield protects against dirt.
  • Adjustable mixer shovels.
  • Easy, mobile and efficient handling.
  • The outlet is easy to clean and maintain.

Baron F200 Specifications

  • Powerful, low-noise motor. 
  • Optimised mixer capacity. 
  • Phase indicator. 
  • The outlet is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Outlet safety protection.
  • Can be operated by a single person on-site.

The Baron E120 Forced Action Mixer

Baron's E120 is a reliable and stable forced action mixer able to take care of the basic mixing requirement for Resin Bound installations.

product image of E120 Baron Mixer

Baron E120 Specifications

  • Rubber wheels for higher comfort. 
  • Tight and robust opening system.
  • Easily interchangeable mixer head. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Ready to use immediately. 
  • Dust lid ensures safe, dust-free mixing. 
  • Space for filling the mixer from bags.
  • Can be filled from a silo if using the F300 dust lid. 

Purchase a Baron Mixer Today!

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates, the manufacturer and supplier of DALTEX, are the UK's sole distributor of Baron forced action mixers to the Resin Bound surfacing trade.

Our prices for the Baron F120, F200 and E120 are unbeatable and we have 100% stock availability and next-day delivery available. We also stock the complete range of Baron spare parts and accessories.

Our experienced team is available to answer any questions or help with any purchase of a Baron mixer or Baron accessory on 01629 636 500.

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