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NEW! DALTEX Bespoke Blends

Friday 08 March 2019 11:20

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is proud to introduce our brand new DALTEX Bespoke range of dried aggregate blends. This exciting new range of colours combines various dried aggregate varieties to create 40 stunning blends.

Each blend is uniquely made up of different sizes, colours and textures, spanning the entire spectrum. Whether your customers are after rich reds, stylish greys, golden browns or striking blacks, there is a DALTEX Bespoke Blend for every type of property – commercial or residential! 

Why choose DALTEX Bespoke Blends? 

More variety than ever

With our DALTEX Bespoke Blends, the biggest range of dried aggregate colours is now even bigger. The new range offers more choice and variety than ever before, which will be very popular with your customers. 

Formulated by experts

Each of our 40 colour blends has been carefully formulated to produce the most visually stunning textures and colour blends possible, across all colour palettes and styles.

True flexibility of design

With DALTEX Bespoke Blends, there is a colour blend to suit every property and every design style – your customers will love it! Our new blends can be used to create different designs (such as logos, shapes and letters) and create stunning contrasts with multiple colours.

100% stock availability

As with all dried aggregates manufactured by Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates can guarantee 100% stock availability on all DALTEX Bespoke Blends listed on our website.

Take customisation even further

If your customer is looking for a particular colour or size blend that isn’t currently in the DALTEX Bespoke range, get in touch with us, and we can match any mix. 

Some of our most popular DALTEX Bespoke Blends 

There are 40 stunning DALTEX Bespoke Blends to choose from on our website, but here are just a few of our favourites. View the full range today. Each of these is ideal for driveways, paths and patios, but can be applied to any resin bound system, both indoors and outdoors!


The Athena blend is a beautiful combination of red and silver angular dried aggregates.

It can be used as both a distinctive primary colour for your resin bound system but is also great as part of a unique design feature, such as a pattern or logo.


The naturally beautiful cappuccino blend combines warm hues of yellow, green and brown aggregate of varied textures and sizes for a deep, rich and attractive finish.

The cappuccino blend is perfect for driveways, patios and garden paths with a more natural and earthly tone.


The attractive and warm Springtime blend is an exceptionally popular mix of golden, white, brown and red dried aggregates.

Featuring both angular and naturally round aggregates, the effect is a beautifully rich and traditional colour blend that is ideal for a wide range of resin bound applications.


A perfect choice for driveways thanks to its hardness, the splendid Heather blend of dried aggregates features multiple tones of green, cream and plum.

The combination of naturally round and some angular aggregates delivers an outstanding texture that your customers will love.

Morning Mist

The warm and bright morning mist blend combines red and silver aggregates to create a distinctive, lightly speckled finish that is ideal both as a primary surface colour, as well as part of a unique design feature or highlight.


As the name suggests, the Sunlight blend is a beautifully bright and summery combination of rich golden aggregates with soft beige tones.

A blend that is certain to brighten up any garden or outdoor surface, try our Sunlight blend as part of a new patio or garden path!

Lightning Silver

Lighting Silver is a cool and stunning blend which includes silver blue dried aggregates to add sparkle, depth and character to any surface, particularly driveways, paths and patios.

A predominantly monochrome finish with light specks of colour, Lightning Silver is as striking as the name suggests.

Impress your customers with our new display case!

DALTEX Resin Bound Aggregates look great in pictures, but it is in real life that their real beauty becomes clear.

To help you bring the quality of DALTEX Bespoke Blends to your customers, you can now impress with a stunning new display case. The display samples are great for showcasing the exceptional quality of DALTEX dried aggregates up close.

This convenient display case features 23 DALTEX Bespoke Blends, which you can place directly along brickwork or edging to give a true impression of the end product. All 40 DALTEX Bespoke Blends are available as samples, and the display case comes with 10 customised DALTEX bespoke brochures to help the customer make their final decision.

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