Resin Bound Gravel Colours Guide

Thursday 07 January 2021 09:20

Resin Bound Colours Guide

What makes a resin bound surface so beautiful?

It is almost impossible to walk past a resin bound driveway, pathway or patio without noticing the stunning natural aggregate colours laid in a smooth, uniform finish. Resin bound certainly delivers instant kerb appeal! 

It is also incredibly versatile and colours can be used in any combination to create individual, bespoke designs including geometric patterns, logos, numbers and lettering.

Thanks to the wide range of DALTEX dried aggregates available, the design possibilities are limitless. The Daltex Bespoke Resin Bound colour collection features 48 stunning gravel blends.

Each blend is made up of different aggregates, sizes and textures. From soft yellows and deep golds, to contemporary silvers and greys, from monochrome whites, black and greens to russet browns and attractive pinks, there is a resin bound aggregate colour (or two or three!) for every project.

This guide features the incredible range of resin bound gravel colours available and shows how they look in both domestic and commercial settings.

Gold & Yellow for a timeless classic...

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Harvest Gold

Beautiful golden and yellow driveways leading up to a welcoming front door are one of the most iconic images in resin bound design. 

Ideal for almost all styles and age of property, gold and yellow resin bound aggregates are available as single colours or combined with complementary reds, greens, creams and browns to create a stunning range of beautiful and distinctive resin bound DALTEX Bespoke colours.

Gold resin bound aggregates are beautiful as a standalone colour for driveways but are equally stunning as attractive paths or garden patios.

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From richly textured and warm autumnal tones, to brighter shades featuring flecks of gentle beige, there is a whole spectrum of gold and yellow available in the DALTEX Bespoke Blends range.

To choose the ideal colour, we recommend you place a resin bound sample against the brickwork or exterior of your home and look at it throughout the day. That way you will really appreciate the variety of textures and colours unique to each blend and ensure you choose exactly the correct resin bound colour to enhance the beauty of your home.

Bold, Rich, Beautiful Red for instant kerb appeal

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Rose Garden

Red is incredibly versatile and can be used in a resin bound driveway, path or patio to create anything from a bold, contemporary, sophisticated look to the exact opposite - a warm, traditional design which is full of character.

Deep, rich red used as a single colour (such as DALTEX Bespoke Merlot) is ideal for creating clean, classic lines with real impact but blends featuring contrasting colours such as specks of  silver, black or green are available which produce amazing results. 

For striking effect, red can also be combined with other colours to create bespoke shapes and anything is possible including  geometric shapes, house numbers, sport logos or even family initials or crests!

A touch of luxury with Silver or Grey

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Steel Blue

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Slate Grey

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Gunmetal Grey

Grey and silver has become one of the most popular colour trends for the  home in the 21st century and the popularity of this colour for resin bound driveways, patios and footpaths has also grown incredibly. 

The Daltex Bespoke resin bound collection includes an extensive range of silver and grey resin bound colours -  these cool and stylish greys and silvers are very versatile and can be used for spectacular contrast against traditional brickwork, darker and lighter stone or rendering.

You can choose from a wide variety of shades and textures - and silvers and greys are often combined with darker black borders although any contrasting aggregate colour can be used to create a stunning boundary line.

For a Premium Look, choose Cream or Beige...

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Morning Mist

White, cream and beige resin bound aggregates offer a clean, bright and contemporary, finish  and are available in a wide range of tones. Whether you want pure, glowing white, a hint of ivory, or a more intricate finish of contrasting stones, the DALTEX  Bespoke range is the perfect place to start looking.

When choosing your colour, don’t forget about  practicality - just as white walls within a house require more upkeep, so a lighter coloured resin bound driveway will require a little more regular cleaning to ensure it retains its beauty and impact.

Charming pink - A real showstopper

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Pink Opal

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Champagne Pink

The character and charm of Pink is difficult to beat - it’s quiet and understated, but it’s a real showstopper that is guaranteed to get the neighbours talking.

Pink complements any style and size of project and is available in a number of different shades and textures. It may be more subtle than some other colours but it’s beauty is undeniable -   no wonder it has been one of the most popular choices for many years.

Make a statement with Black

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A black resin bound driveway makes a real statement. Whatever design you have in mind – black is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a modern, contemporary design.  But if you like Black but want a little more than a  monochrome finish, then a number of blends are available which use black as the base colour and feature jewels of colour within it such as silver or grey or white.

Black resin bound aggregates are most often used as an accent colour to complement and contrast with other colours - they provide a perfect frame against other strong, plain colours and are particularly effective against creams, whites and silvers.

Feeling inspired? Get started today

This guide has been created to demonstrate the range of choice and beautiful results that can be achieved when choosing the right resin bound aggregate colours for your home. The selection we have included here is only a fraction of what is available in the DALTEX range.

DALTEX Resin Bound is trusted and used by thousands of architects, specifiers, landscapers and driveway contractors throughout the UK. If you need help finding a DALTEX Resin Bound installer near to you, simply visit or call us on 01629 636500. We’re also happy to help with any questions you have about Resin Bound!

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