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What Can Go Wrong With Resin Bound Systems?

What can go wrong with Resin Bound Systems?

When applied correctly, aggregate bound systems give a long, lasting attractive finish that requires little or no maintenance. It cannot be stressed enough that the bond between the resin and the base it is applied to is critical, and the need to select a reputable approved contractor can eliminate most of the issues associated with this type of finish.

One of the problems can be that the top surface detaches itself from the sub base. This is usually caused by frost or moisture if the surface has not been sealed correctly and the base it was applied to was unsuitable. This can be repaired, however, as with tarmac or concrete it cannot be done invisibly and would most likely require a patch being cut out and replacing. Taking into account the ageing of the original surface, the colour variation would be impossible to hide.

It is important to ensure that all of the mixes used on site are equal. All products are in pre-weighed bags of varying sizes to eliminate the on-site weighing of products. This can lead to having variations between the mixes and can give a stripy or patchy finish. One of the ways to avoid this is to mix up the bags off various pallets.

Do not use aggregates or gravel unless they have been specifically processed to be dry, dust free and guaranteed for use in the resin process. If there is too much dust in the mix, this can cause a sludging effect as well as using up a lot of the resin, which would weaken the whole mix. If the aggregates are wet, then this will react with the resin, quite dramatically and will cause white patches 

The big danger to any resin whilst curing is water either rain, humidity, dew, wet aggregate or moisture from the ground. The reaction between the resin and any moisture is instant. It produces tiny gas bubbles and this will be seen as foaming, clouding or whitening of the resin. 

The surface being brittle or aggregates coming away from the surface is usually when the resin content has been low and the aggregate has not been worked correctly when it has been trowelled. 

Iron Staining

The natural aggregates used in the application of resin bonded systems can contain certain amounts of iron minerals as part of their natural chemical composition. On exposure to weather this can result in areas of rust spot staining. This is a natural occurrence within the aggregate and at no point prior or during application can any potential iron be identified.

Resin bound gravel suppliers or installers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered as a result of staining. 

The higher risk products are the Daltex Yellow 10mm, Daltex Yellow 2-5mm and Daltex Amber Gold 1-4mm.

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