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Why Should You Use a BBA Approved Resin Bound System?

In order to achieve BBA certification, the DALTEX UVR System has had to undergo stringent testing and pass the necessary standards for:

Strength and Stability:

Are the systems able to deal with loads associated with vehicular and pedestrian traffic expected from their intended use?

The assessment has included a rigorous set of mechanical tests to mimic load and volume associated with higher trafficked areas.

Surface Characteristics:

How has the surface been designed to deal with slip and skid resistance?

The assessment considered initial and retained slip and skid resistance by taking into account how abrasion from trafficking will affect this key factor over time.

Rainwater Drainage:

Can the system eliminate surface water?

Dealing with surface water is an increasing issue around dwellings. Systems can be designed to reduce or eliminate surface ponding.


How long will it last?

Any trafficked system will be subject to varying degrees of foot and vehicular traffic over its expected service life. In order for the systems to perform and be considered fit for their intended use, they must be installed, used and maintained as set out in the BBA Certificate and these instructions.


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