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Our friendly and helpful Technical Department can help with any queries that you may have. They can be contacted through our contact form, or by phoning us on: 01629 636500 or email

Take a look at our frequently asked questions on the as you might find the answer.

I'm not sure how much I need to order?

Use our gravel calculator to work out how much we estimate you'll need to cover the required area. We'll give you an approximation of how many tonnes, bulk bags or poly bags you'll need. We also have the capacity to deliver in loose tipped loads if you require a large amount.

What is the weight of the bulk bags and poly bags?

Our bulk bags contain between 850kg and 900kg and the poly bags weigh 20kg. A bulk bag is the equivalent of 42.5 poly bags.

Are the delivery & VAT charges included in the price?

Yes they are. All delivery and Vat is included in the price. We deliver FREE to large parts of England & Wales providing your order is over a certain weight (a minimum of 25 poly bags).  For certain regions a surcharge is applied. For full details (and exceptions) visit our delivery page.

How many poly bags are on a pallet?

Each pallet contains a maximum of 50 poly bags or 1 bulk bag.

Will I be affected by the New Planning Laws for Driveways and Front Gardens?

Providing you are laying gravel, aggregates or slate chippings you won't need planning permission. The new law only applies to laying paving, tarmac or hard standing areas which are non-permeable. The law is due to the recent flooding problems in the UK. The government are concerned that the more non-permeable materials that are laid, the worse the flooding will become because drainage capacity won’t be able to cope in some problem areas.

Gravel, aggregates or slate chippings do not require planning permission if you choose to lay this on your drive, or in and around your garden. They are permeable and allow the rain water to drain through easily, with less risk of flooding. The government are hoping to promote the use of permeable materials such as gravel and deter the use of any materials that will increase the risk of flooding.

How accurate are the product colours on the website?

All our products are derived from naturally sourced minerals and variations in colour may occur. Samples can be ordered for a small fee if you are unsure whether a product is right for you. It should also be noted that many of our products are photographed wet which makes them look more colourful than when dry.

If I buy bulk would I receive a discount?

Unfortunately not, as our prices are already very competitive as you'll no doubt have discovered by searching other aggregate and gravel web sites. We can however quote loose prices to be delivered by tipper lorry. Just give us a call on 01629 630256 or use our contact form.

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