Daltex Sample Starter Pallet

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This Daltex Sample Starter Pallet has everything you need to get you started making your own sample panels to show your customers. Nothing sells the resin bound system better than customers being able to see and feel what the product would look like. 

Each pallet contains a bag of 

Daltex Amber Gold 1-4mm - 12.5kg

Daltex Autumn Quartz 1-3mm - 12.5kg  and 2-5mm - 25kg

Daltex Brittany Bronze 10mm - 25kg

Daltex Classic 2-5mm - 25kg

Daltex Black - 2-5mm - 25kg

Daltex Golden Quartz 2-5mm - 25kg

Daltex Golden Pea 1-3mm and 2-5mm - 25kg

Daltex Green 2-5mm - 25kg 

Daltex Winter Quartz 2-5mm - 25kg

Daltex Red 2-5mm - 25kg

Daltex Devon Yellow 2-5mm  - 25kg

Daltex Dobbsweir 2-5mm - 25kg

Daltex Silver 10mm, 2-5mm and 1-3mm - 25kg

Daltex Pearl Quartz 1-3mm and 2-5mm - 25kg

Daltex Red Granite 1-3mm - 12.5kg

Chelford 52 Sand x 2 - 6.25kg

So order one today and start making your own sample panels.

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