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Resin Bound - Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Aggregate Or Gravel Do I Need For A Resin Bound System?

In a resin bound system laid at a depth of approximately 15mm, we recommend 1 x25kg polybag of aggregate per square metre. The amount of aggregate needed would obviously increase if the resin system was to be laid at a thicker level or when laying on unlevelled surfaces.

What Resin Should I Use?

There are two types of resin available. Non UV Stable and UV Stable. 

For a resin bound surface that is to be external such as a drive or pathway, we would always recommend a UV Stable Resin is used. Click here for more information. What resins can I use?

What Colours Are Available?

With over 50 different resin bound aggregates available, virtually any colour scheme or design can be created. It is possible to extend this range by the blending of different colours on site to create a unique range of colours and mixes. There is also a number of aggregates that can be coloured to allow customers or clients to select standard finishes of any colour they wish. It should also be remembered that aggregates that are resin bound will change the appearance of the aggregate and create a darker 'wet' look for the stone. So when choosing, if you’re undecided between two colours, it is recommended to choose the lighter shade.

How thick should the resin bound surface be?

This will vary, depending on how smooth and level the base is that the resin bound system is to be applied to. On average the recommended thickness is 15mm and should be no less than 12mm. However it could go up to 30mm or more if the base is uneven. Remember the thicker the surface, the more resin and aggregate will be required and this will in turn increase the cost of the application.

Can the Resin Bound surface be cleaned?

It is one of the beauties of resin bound surfaces that they are extremely low maintenance. We do recommend following the instructions given by the resin manufacturer or the installer as to the cleaning of the surface. However power washing gently is usually is all that is required to clean the surface.

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