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DALTEX Installation Guidance - Impact of Weather

The use of Accelerator/Catalyst 

The Accelerator/Catalyst should be used for temperatures below 15 degrees as this can lead to longer curing times and contamination of the surfacing. An Accelerator/Catalyst should be used with each mix to ensure uniformity of cure except for higher consistent temperatures of 25 degrees. 

Accelerator/Catalyst Guidelines

Use the table as a guide. 

How to Mix Dried Aggregates and Resin

There are many factors which can influence the success of a resin bound installation - but as a manufacturer, the major cause of product failures we see are due to issues concerning heat and/or moisture. 

To understand why we want to briefly describe how the resin product works - and we hope this helps emphasise the importance of following the recommended procedures closely. 

The Impact of Heat

Resin hardens (permanently cures) due to a chemical reaction known as Thermosetting. Thermosetting uses heat and there are several external and internal factors which can increase/decrease the amount of heat generated, thereby affecting the curing speed of the product. 

Ignoring the impact of these factors and the results may not be what you wish.

The Impact of Moisture

For years, the installation guidelines for resin bound were: 5 degrees and rising and no rain! However much more has been learned - often the hard way - about the no.1 enemy of perfect Resin Bound installations - moisture. 

Excess moisture reacts with Isocyanate (resin hardener) to produce amines and a bi-product of Carbon Dioxide. Trapped bubbles of Carbon Dioxide create a white 'bloom' on the surface which is typically only visible when dry. 

Important Checks Before You Start Installing

Ambient and base surface temperatures, along with relative humidity, should be recorded at the start of the installation process. If the weather is variable readings should also be taken during the installation process.


  • The relative humidity is outside the range of 30%-85%

  • The surface temperature is less than 3 degrees above the dew point of the measured air temperature and the relative humidity. 

  • The operating temperature and road surface temperature and/or air temperature is outside the range of 10 degrees to 30 degrees. 

Dew Point Chart

Safety data sheets are available on request. 

More Information

For further information about installation guidance and other aspects of Resin Bound installation training, you can visit our Resin Bound Guidance Training Manual.


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