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What can go wrong with Resin Bonded Systems

When correctly applied, aggregate bonded systems give a long lasting, attractive finish that requires very little to no maintenance. One of the key requirements is the bond between the resin and the base it is applied as this is critical.  By using an experienced, reputable, approved contractor, this can eliminate the majority of the issues associated with this type of finish.

If the surface has not been sealed correctly and the base it was applied to was unsuitable, frost or moisture can cause the top surface to detach from the base. Any remedial work to this type of system, as with tarmac or concrete, would be visible as they would require a patch cutting out of the original surface and then resurfaced. Given the ageing of the original product and colour variations of the stone it would be nearly impossible to blend in.

Iron Staining

Certain aggregates used in the application of Resin Bonded systems can contain certain amounts of iron minerals as part of their natural chemical make up. On exposure to weather this may result in areas of rust spot staining. This is a natural occurrence within the aggregate and at no point prior or during application can any potential iron be identified. This can be easily remedied after rust staining has been identified.

Resin Bonded gravel suppliers or installers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered as a result of staining. The higher risk Resin Bonded products are the 10mm Yellow and Yellow 2-5mm.


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