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What is the DALTEX Recommended Mix Design?

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates provide two sizes of kits for DALTEX UVR Resin. Through research and experience, we believe that having the correct ratio of resin to aggregates is critical to achieving a lasting, durable surface and we recommend the following amounts of aggregates.

DALTEX Bound Plus UVR 7.5kg

75kg (3 bags) 2-5mm

25kg (1 bag) 1-3mm

6.25kg (1/bag) of C52 sand 

Total 106.25kgs – % resin 7.05%

Coverage approximately 3.55mat 18mm and 4.0mat 15mm

DALTEX Bound UVR 6.5kg

75kg (3 bags) 2-5mm,

12.5kg (1/₂ bag) 1-3mm

6.25kg (1/₄ bag) of C52 sand 

Total 93.75kgs – % resin 6.9% 

Coverage approximately 3.13m. at 18mm and 3.6mat 15mm.

For manufacturer approved Resin Bound installations, a minimum depth of 18mm must be used. This is so the surface achieves the required tensile strength for the application.  For resin pathways with foot traffic only, a depth of 15mm may be used (Please note that this is not to manufacturer standards). In addition, it is more difficult to trowel any blend containing 2-5mm stone as it is harder to close/knit consistently.

In the past, a mix of 6.5kg kits with 100kg of stone was used. Tests have shown this resin/aggregate ratio does not contain enough resin and may have resulted in poor performance with some aggregates.

Higher resin content delivers these benefits:

• Greater Resin Bound surface area bond particularly in low density aggregates (eg DALTEX Silver). A stronger surface bond delivers greater tensile strength.

• The Resin Bound surface is less susceptible to moisture penetration.

• Reduced risk of ‘reflective cracking’.


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