DALTEX Dried Aggregates and DALTEX UVR Resin

Tuesday 05 February 2019 11:00

Daltex UVR Resin Bound System with Daltex Aggregate Bag newIn the resin bound and resin bonded aggregate industry, the DALTEX brand is synonymous with high quality and consistent results that you can depend on, time and time again.

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is the UK manufacturer of DALTEX dried aggregates and a supplier of DALTEX aliphatic resin. Both these dried aggregates and resin are approved by manufactuer standards when used in accordance with the guidelines provided by Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates.

The benefits of DALTEX dried aggregates

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is the UK manufacturer of DALTEX dried aggregates, and we have the widest range of choice in both size and colour, with over 30 different DALTEX dried aggregate colours. The DALTEX dried aggregates label is trusted and widely used by resin bound contractors, landscapers, builders, architects, garden designers and many more professionals nationwide. 

 Some of our most popular DALTEX dried aggregates include:

Daltex UVR Resin Bound SystemWhy choose DALTEX UVR resin?

DALTEX UVR resin is a high-quality resin manufactured in the UK. It is designed for both commercial and residential installations, including driveways, patios, parks and paths. This aliphatic resin is formulated to deliver beautiful consistent results and can be used with all dried aggregate colours.

DALTEX UVR resin meets high manufactuer standards, researched and tested independantly. As an aliphatic resin, DALTEX UVR resin is colour stable and resistant to fade. Our system also comes with a 15 year product quality guarantee.

This easy to use two-part kit enhances the natural beauty of the stone. DALTEX UVR resin is available from Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates in both 7.5kg and 6.5kg size options.

Come direct to the manufacturer of DALTEX dried aggregates

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is the only UK manufacturer of DALTEX resin bound and resin bonded aggregates. As manufacturer of DALTEX aggregates, we are committed to 100% stock availability. Whatever you need, we have in stock for you to order right away.

Daltex Bespoke Sample Display CaseTry New DALTEX Bespoke Blends

You can now enhance your resin bound installation even further with new DALTEX Bespoke Blends. This is an exciting new range of dried aggregate colour, shape and size combinations, formulated by experts to give even better visual variety and design flexibility.

There are 40 stunning blends available, covering the entire aggregate colour spectrum. 

Whether your customers want stylish greys, rich reds, deep greens, golden browns or striking blacks, there is a DALTEX Bespoke Blend for every type of property – commercial or residential.

If you have an idea for an aggregate blend that is not in the DALTEX Bespoke range already, let us know and we can match any mix. Take customisation even further.

Our expertise in DALTEX dried aggregates and resin

With over 30 years’ experience, Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates are trusted specialists in resin bound, and are committed to promoting the highest standards in resin bound installation.

Our Knowledge Centre contains all the helpful information you need about DALTEX dried aggregates and DALTEX UVR resin, and includes useful resin bound training videos for installation.

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