Catalyst VA5 - 250ml

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VA5 Catalyst
VA5 Catalyst (250ml)
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Catalyst VA5 (250ml) is now available for use with Performance DALTEX UVR Resin. DALTEX Performance is already pre-catalysed but extra catalyst can be added to accelerate curing.

Hardening of Daltex Performance UVR Resin is progressive. A small quantity of catalyst is included at the time of manufacture to ensure curing occurs. However in many situations a faster cure may be required, particularly in cold conditions. For this reason, a separate catalyst, Catalyst VA5 is available.

Extra catalyst can be added to accelerate curing as follows:

Surface Temperature (°C)Catalyst Addition Level (ml)
5 - 10 °C3-5ml
10-15 °C2-3ml
15-20 °C1-2ml
    • Remember – Catalyst is added to Part A Base and mixed thoroughly before adding Part B Activator  
    • Use catalyst consistently and not in random batches

    Advisory Notes

    The optimum quantity of catalyst to be added can really only be determined on site according to experiences with initial material batches and adjustments being made accordingly to achieve the desired result.

    Generally speaking, for a given temperature, the more catalyst added to the mix, the shorter the working and cure times will be.  Adding too much catalyst may make the mix cure too quickly and make laying and/or achieving a smooth working edge unworkable; adding too little catalyst may cause the mix to take too long to cure and make the surface prone to deformation.

    For guidance please contact Technical Department.


    • Start work earlier in daylight and aim to finish early afternoon allowing maximum curing time during daylight hours.
    • The aggregate must be dry with a moisture content of 0.5% or lower. Damp aggregate should not be used under any circumstances.     

    You should not start work if:

    • There is risk of rain or frost before the resin has had a chance to fully cure (we recommend you check on a weather App)
    • The operating temperature and surface temperature and/or air temperature is outside the range identified 5°C (and rising) to 30°C. (We recommend you use a Digital non-contact thermometer) The Relative Humidity range is outside 30%-80% (check your mobile phone App)
    • The surface temperature is less than 3°C and rising above the dew point of the measured air temperature and the relative humidity. (Use a dew point calculator or download your dewpoint chart from here)


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