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Preparation: Cleaning the base

In order for both the acrylic seal and resin to adhere properly, the surface must be clean and free from debris, organic matter, grease and oils.

Moss, Weeds/Algae

Using a good quality power washer, clean the surface of all weeds, dirt and algae. A suitable patio/driveway detergent can also be used if the driveway is very dirty.

Oil/Grease stains

Where oil or grease has stained the existing surface, use a suitable degreaser such as Swarfega degreaser prior to power washing.


If oil or grease has been spilt on tarmac it will not be possible to clean it away without first checking the tarmac is still stable – If not, if will need to be cut back and replaced, (See Repairs section).

Allow the surface to dry out thoroughly before moving on to the seal and priming stages.

(If time is critical, a gas lance can be used to dry the surface)


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