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Washed & Dried Aggregates


Washed and Dried aggregate is derived from naturally occurring stone, crushed to size and ranged dependent on application. We always recommend the use of the 1-3mm range of aggregates for Resin BONDED applications.

The stone supplied should be washed and dried standard bags.

As the stone is naturally occurring, it is not susceptible to colour fade as no colour pigments are added.

Risk of Iron Spotting

Many natural stones are quarried where there are natural iron deposits present. Where this is the case, the chosen stone carries a small risk of ‘iron spotting’ (Small rust coloured spots on the finished surface). The risk of this occurring is expressed as ‘% R.I.S (see below) and should be pointed out to customer prior to ordering.


Stone is ‘broadcast’ by hand or shovel directly onto the resin bed. Excess stone is applied then removed once the resin has cured (If still clean and dry, this should be bagged and stored for future use) the use of excess stone is to ensure blanket coverage and that there are no ‘bald spots’. DO NOT USE DAMP OR WET STONE


COVERAGE RATES (For guidance and quantity calculations only)

Aggregate Size


Aggregate coverage (Initial lay)

Approx. 14 - 15kg per square metre

Aggregate coverage (Post sweep)

6.0-8.0kg per square metre

Why only recommend the 1-3mm aggregate range?

It is strongly recommended that installers ONLY use the 1-3mm range of stone. The larger the range of stone, the greater the likelihood that resin will be visible where the individual stones meet whilst using a 1mm range reduces this risk significantly. The issue is less apparent when using buff coloured stones.


Bags of aggregate must be kept dry.


Please observe manual handling procedures when lifting or moving bags of aggregate.


If you need help with your resin installation, call our technical support team on 01629 636500 or contact us
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