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What is the DALTEX 15-Year Peace of Mind Product Quality Guarantee?

As the No.1 Brand in Resin Bound surfacing, DALTEX is the name to trust. Our resin bound range is used by thousands of contractors and specifiers every year with over 2 million square metres of DALTEX resin bound surfacing laid in the UK in 2021.

We offer all installers of the DALTEX UVR System a 15-year Peace of Mind Product Quality Guarantee.

What is the DALTEX UVR System? 

The DALTEX UVR System consists of high-quality DALTEX dried aggregates and DALTEX UVR resin. 

At DALTEX we can provide two sizes of kits for our UVR resin. The correct resin ratio to aggregates is critical to achieving a long-lasting, durable surface. See our page dedicated to providing information about the DALTEX recommended mix design.

What does the 15-year Product Quality Guarantee include? 

DALTEX guarantees that the colour of the polyurethane resin will not change once installed and are happy to provide a 15-year guarantee. The resin bound surface must be installed in accordance with manufacturer quality standards and our DALTEX UVR System specification.

Moreover, in the unlikely event that a resin bound surface begins to experience failure, we will provide our customers with support and agree to investigate and rectify the issue should our product be responsible*. 

For further information, click through to our dedicated DALTEX 15-year Peace of Mind Product Quality Guarantee page and see our terms and conditions. 


If you need help with your resin installation, call our technical support team on 01629 636500 or contact us
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