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Product Application: What can go wrong?

Whilst rare, things can go wrong and will typically fall into two categories:

The Controllable

For example, installer error, Poor workmanship, Faulty materials.

The Uncontrollable

For example, the weather

Steps can be taken to minimise the impact of both of these areas. These steps can generally be summarised as GOOD PLANNING!

Controllable Problems & Solutions

  • Problem: Running out of resin before the job is finished 

  • Solution: Always bring 20% more resin than you think you need

  • Problem: Dark sticky patches on finished surface

  • Solution: Mix resin and hardener properly and/or minimise risk of hardener spillages by discarding empty containers immediately

  • Problem: Surface blistering

  • Solution: Base not dry and/or clean. Cut out affected area and re-new. Stone shade variation may be visible.

  • Problem: Stone de-bonding

  • Solution: Stone dirty or damp - check stone before use and keep dry. Or seek advice from supplier.

  • Problem: Surface cracking

  • Solution: Referred to as ‘reflective cracking’ where cracking occurs, this is normally as a result of movement within the original base. To minimise this, it is essential that cracks are repaired as per this manual. Terms and conditions supplied to your customer should state that the guarantee does not cover cracking caused by movement in the original base unless it was installed by you. Repairs can be carried out as per ‘surface blistering’

  • Problem: Forgot to remove gaffer tape – now stuck fast!

  • Solution: Mechanically cut (angle grinder) or heat the area to remove tape

  • Problem: Resin splashed onto surrounding area/wall, etc.

  • Solution: Allow to fully cure then remove using hot air gun

  • Problem: Forgot to clean tools; tools now clogged with resin

  • Solution: Leave to soak in thinners overnight (no longer). Resin will fall off

  • Problem: Rings of unbonded stone appearing on surface

  • Solution: Do not place upturned resin tub onto surface to get the last remaining drops of resin out! This action can cause ‘unmixed resin to form a ring on the surface to which stone will not bond. If this happens, affected area will need to be removed.

Uncontrollable problems & solutions

  • Problem: Rain has washed away acryllic slurry

  • Solution: Surface must be re-primed with slurry once dry

  • Problem: Rain starting to fall during application of resin

  • Solution: Erect canopy/gazebo (if practical). Using gaffer tape, tape off a straight edge and resin up to it, add stone to this point. Remove tape after approx 10 minutes. Re-commence work from this point once dry being careful to blend start point in with previously taped edge (a join may still be slightly visible)

  • Problem: Drill/Mixer breaks halfway through resion bonding

  • Solution: Always carry a back up drill/mixer - if not, see point above.

  • Problem: Stone de-bonding

  • Solution: Stone dirty or damp - check stone before use and keep dry. Or seek advice from supplier

  • Problem: Windy weather has blown resin onto adjoining blocks/bricks/patio etc.

  • Solution: Allow to cure, heat off with hot air gun


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