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Tips & Techniques for Stoning & Resin

Ensure the ‘hopper’ is filled to capacity, thus reducing time wasted going back and forth to the barrow.

The stone should be broadcast to allow an even spread of stone to fall onto the surface vertically.

Avoid piling the stone onto the resin, this can result in lumps in the finished surface.

Try to avoid standing on the freshly applied resin and stone, if you absolutely have to stand on the surface in order to apply further stone or resin too hard to reach areas, and then ensure that you walk gently and do not twist your feet on the surface. Spiked shoes are commonly used if the surface has to be walked on

Keep resin and hardener in the vehicle until needed.

Once the first tub has been mixed and applied, open the next tub of resin and pour it into the remnants of the previous tub. Use a handheld tile squeegee to ensure that ALL of the unmixed resin is scraped into the mixing tub.

Add the hardener and mix as normal (this will reactivate the ‘leftover’ mixed resin from your previous mix.

Continue the process of using the first tub as long as possible and use the tile squeegee to ensure that as much of the mixed resin is emptied onto the surface as possible.

Please note, the above is generally good practice at any time of the year and will save a surprising amount of resin.


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