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Initial Site Survey

When carrying out your initial site survey, you must take a number of key areas into consideration to ensure your new surface is as durable and stable as possible, for as many years as possible. 

  • Examine the surface of the site – Does it need a new base?          
  • Is the base stable? The Resin Bound system will only be as stable as the base it is laid on. If in doubt always suggest a new base.
  • Is there any cracking? Structural or movement – this will either need to be reinstated i.e. cutting out and refilling. Geotextile cracking mesh may also be solution.
  • Joints - Any existing joints in the base will need mirroring in the Resin Bound surface.
  • Damage – holes, degradation – Does it need reinstating or can it be covered with the Resin Bound surface at an increased depth?
  • Tree roots – Are they to be covered with the Resin Bound or left proud of the surface? Remember, tree roots will always win.
  • Edging – What is the Resin Bound surface going to be edged with? Setts, beading?
  • Will the existing edging be suitable? Will it need replacing or protecting from the resin? Will it need taping or sheeting?
  • Use a new edge against existing fences or gravel boards as it will disrupt the surface if it needs replacing.
  • Check for slopes - Is this going to cause an issue? Do you require an anti-slip surface?
  • Steps - Are the surfaces of the steps to be Resin Bound? Edging will probably be required from a health and safety perspective.
  • Manholes - Screed trays or recessed manholes are required.
  • Threshold edging – How is this going to be resolved?
  • Area to set up and work. Make sure there is a suitably sized area to mix and have the aggregates delivered to. This will more than likely be on the pavement outside the property so you will have to ensure that the area is secure and safe from and for passers-by.
  • Cleaning – How much does the drive need cleaning?
  • Priming – Does the drive need priming?
  • Check meterage – Allow for natural undulations, over order by between 5%-15% to allow for any variances. This depends on how confident you are with the type of surface you are applying to.

Important Note on Delivery

If you are having aggregates delivered directly, it will likely be on a tail lift lorry with manual pump truck. The area will need to be flat and hard standing. It cannot be delivered onto grass gravel or slopes. It is preferable that someone is there for the delivery to ensure that it is put in the right place to avoid having to move pallets of aggregates on the day. It is always better to have the delivery the day before.


If you need help with your resin installation, call our technical support team on 01629 636500 or contact us

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