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Resin Bound Materials Needed

The last thing anyone wants is to be all set up, prepared and ready to work only to find a crucial piece of kit is missing. This can disrupt your work heavily and compromise the final product.

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, be sure to run through this checklist of important equipment and materials required for Resin Bound systems.

Resin Bound System Required Materials:

  • 2 Part Resin Kits: Always err on the site of caution and make sure you don’t run short, leaving unnecessary day joints
  • Aggregates: Make sure you have plenty; you should have 4 plus sand for every resin kit (see Derbyshire Aggregates Mix Design)
  • Fine Kiln Dried Sand: 1 Mini Bag per mix
  • Crushed Glass: To provide slip resistance
  • Thinners: A 25 litre drum 

Handy tip: Prior to installation, set your mixes by every 4 bags and resin pot to ensure you have enough.


If you need help with your resin installation, call our technical support team on 01629 636500 or contact us

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