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About DALTEX Resins


You can order high quality DALTEX resin directly from us alongside your DALTEX aggregates.

With over 35 years of experience, Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates have seen the results of many installations. 

Over time, aromatic or non-UV-resistant resins can break down, lose their colour and become patchy due to exposure to UV rays. A UV-resistant (stable) resin retains its colour for much longer.

We are dedicated to supplying contractors with high quality materials that deliver consistent, beautiful results and happy customers. That’s why we recommend the use of UVR stable resins for all external installations – regardless of the colour or density of the aggregate. 

Aliphatic UV-resistant Resin

DALTEX Bound and Bound Plus Resin is light in colour, so it will not unduly alter the colour of the base aggregate used. It is suitable for a wide range of dried aggregates and is SUDS compliant.

DALTEX Bound UVR Plus 7.5kg

DALTEX Bound UVR Plus 7.5kg is a manufacturer approved UVR stable resin, available in easy to use two part tubs.

The recommended mix design for this size kit would be 3 Standard Bags of 2-5mm, 1 Standard Bag of 1-3mm and 1 Mni Bag of Daltex Quartz. This delivers a superior 7% resin coverage ratio.

This size resin is recommended when a larger mix is being used and/or more strength is required. As there is a higher resin content, longevity and durability are increased and this is particularly suitable for when a higher quality installation is required.

DALTEX Bound UVR 7kg

DALTEX Bound UVR 7.0kg is a UVR stable resin, available in easy-to-use two-part tubs.

This UV-resistant  (stable) resin comes in two easy-to-use two-part tubs. It covers approximately 4.0 square metres coverage based on a level surface being laid at 15mm

The DALTEX recommended mix design is:

  • 3 Standard Bags - 2-5mm 
  • 1 Standard Bags - 1-3mm 
  • 1 Mini Bag of sand

% resin 6.6% - coverage approximately 4.0m2 at 15mm and 3.55m2 at 18mm. 

We recommend the use of an accelerator/catalyst to ensure even, consistent curing at temperatures below 15 degrees. 

For further information regarding the installation process, please visit and read out Resin Bound Installation guidance. 

High-Quality Packaging

Our two-part tubs are designed to make consistent, high quality and high-performance mixing as easy as possible. To achieve this, it is critical that both parts are mixed together in exact proportions.


If you need help with your resin installation, call our technical support team on 01629 636500 or contact us

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