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Which resin should you choose?

As you may know there are two types of resin for resin bound installations – UV stable resin (aliphatic) or non-UV stable resin (aromatic). In order to produce a beautiful, consistent resin bound surface, it is imperative that the resin you choose is suitable.

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates strongly recommends the use of  UVR stable resins for external applications.

There are a number of reasons for this:

UV Stable Resins (Aliphatic) vs Non-UV Resin (Aromatic)

  • Non-UV stable resin can darken when exposed to sunlight – in as little as 2 weeks! In comparison the effect of natural light on UV resin is reduced and even.
  • Shading can be inconsistent with non-UV resin. If your customer parks a car, a wheelie bin or even a plant pot on the surface, the areas covered by the object will maintain the original colour whereas other areas will discolour.

  • Non-UV is a very strong resin but sometimes it can become brittle and crack.  UV systems (Aliphatic hardener) have a more flexible characteristic. This means the surface is less liable to cracking.

  • UV stable resins are far easier to trowel and are far more tolerant of differing conditions. UVR resin can withstand moisture after as little as 4 hours when laid at 20 degrees centigrade. Non -UV is less workable that UV resin with the effect of moisture and clouding immediate. 

  • Of course, non-UV is slightly cheaper than UV resin. But we believe you should also factor in potential time spent dealing with an unhappy customer or having to dig up and replace a driveway. We do not believe the price differential is worth the risk to your business' reputation.See the difference UV rays can make to the finished product

Aromatic resins are acceptable for use in resin bonded applications where the stone is broadcast across the resin and therefore the sunlight does not affect the appearance or strength of the finished surface. 



If you need help with your resin installation, call our technical support team on 01629 636500 or contact us

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