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What the 'Troweller' does

When laying a resin driveway, or any other surface, your installation team should consist of three people. These are:

Each has a series of key roles and responsibilities to ensure your work is completed safely, effectively and without wasting any time or money. 

The Troweller’s job is to plan the laying route in advance and grid the area out in squares with chalk. They also lay batons in place to demonstrate where they would like the Luter to apply the mix.

Once the Luter has levelled the mix, the Troweller can begin laying it. The main objectives are to knit the mix together, smooth the surface and leave a final sheen through polishing.

All of this must be achieved with as few strokes as possible.

The Troweller must also be able to do the following

  • Judge the levels and depth of the mix; this can be done by laying a large trowel on top of the mix to act as a spirit level.
  • Knit the mix together, ensuring the aggregates form a closely compacted surface.
  • Level out the mix prior to trowelling. This can be done using a screed bar.
  • Trowel the mix until all aggregates stop moving in a fluid movement and become solid. One way to test this is to cut a section into the edge of the surface you are trowelling and see if it slumps or stays intact.

Tip: Use the trowel with the edge slightly raised away from the stroke; this will prevent the trowel digging into the mix.


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